Carbonated Bibicaffè coffee drink bottle 20 cl x 24


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10,90 €

The first coffee soda was distributed, with the name of "Bibicaffè", by the company "De Sarro & Torchia" of Lamezia Terme in 1941, which in its curriculum boasted awards such as the European Award Gold Mercury of 1974 and the award Italy Drink Come True Usa from 1994. Today, after several years of absence from marketing, it is available again.

The name Bibicaffè is the one with which the drink is commonly known and, as often happens for specific and niche products, comes from the first brand that produces the drink: Bibicaffè was the first version of the drink to be marketed in 1941 by De Sarro & Torchia , even if its roots seem to go far back in time, at the beginning of the century. A gamble that resulted in enormous success throughout the Southern Italy region.

An incredible fact is the spread of the drink almost exclusively in Calabria on the Italian territory: it is very likely that, asking any other fellow countryman what Bibicaffè is and if he has ever tried it, he will answer by making a silent scene. It is also interesting the diffusion of the soda in coffee at an international level: apparently it is very popular in the USA and has a fervent international market that welcomes it on its shelves.

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