Drink 100% organic Bergamot juice and pulp 20 cl



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100% Original Bergotto is the first Bergamot-flavoured drink in the world! 100% Organic The products are all rigorously organic and grown in the lands of Calabria, as certified by ECOGRUPPO ITALIA n° 3E18/01-Section B. 100% Bergamot of Calabria The Calabrian citrus fruit par excellence. There is nothing else to add!.

The drink we offer is a particular organic juice that is characterized by 100% pure bergamot juice. .

In the package (18 cl bottles) you will find the juice of 4 bergamots.

The juice is sugar-free and must be diluted in water before consumption. we recommend a part of water and one of juice then everything can vary according to taste. .

All the goodness of bergamot and its properties always available at any time of the year, even when the fruit is not there. .

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