Fresh Provola with stretched curd Silana about 1 kg


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9,55 €

La quantità minima ordinabile per questo prodotto è 2.

Throughout the Calabria region this stretched curd cheese is produced with cow's milk from mestizo breeds. The maturation can take place in two days, or last up to two months. It has a truncated cone shape and semi-hard texture, with low or medium-low aromaticity.

Weight: about 1 Kg

Deadline: 60 days from production

Ingredients: Cow's milk, rennet, lactic ferments, salt

Product subject to weight loss.

Indicative weight: 900/1000 Gr with variation of 15%

Product shipped vacuum-packed in a freshness-saving envelope. It is recommended for this product to select a courier with delivery times in 48 hours

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