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Nature has given licorice its best, in fact, the active ingredients and the sweet and pleasant taste of its root have been known since ancient times. It is recognized that it clears the throat, saves the breath and the throat and has expectorant, emollient, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also present in various aphrodisiac recipes and in the Kama-Sutra. It was used by the alchemists of old in medicinal potions. Today it is appreciated by everyone as a natural and healthy candy, and it also has a spirit: Liquorice. The Caffo Distillery was the first company to produce a "pure Calabrian liquorice liqueur", creating a unique and inimitable product, which is why today only Caffo Liquorice is "The original Calabrian liquorice liqueur", ... taste to believe !

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